April 19, 2016

GSM – Part 2 : AT Parser – MikroElektronika Learn

Introducing the AT Engine and exlaination of the AT parser. The main job for the AT parser is to analyze the responses from the module.

The basic idea of a GSM engine is to make something that will control a modem’s behavior. Like an engine for a car that can be used inside another car the parsing engine is for AT commands. For that kind of job, we need to focus on creating the basic core. The core provides the lower level workings which allow us to work at a higher level. There are many types of devices that use AT commands in order to control the modem and communication with other devices. This library was built in this manner, and can be used with other radios not only GSM modems.

Source: GSM – Part 2 : AT Parser – MikroElektronika Learn